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Aderia Tebineri Glass Tumbler by Gentle Objects

$23.13 $25.70

Tebineri translates to hand building, a ceramics technique that allows clay to be moulded by our bare hands instead of using a pottery wheel. Aderia's craftsmen recreated this organic texture on to glass, giving it a gentler appearance. 

ADERIA by Ishizuka Glass Co

In the 1960s, Japan glass manufacturer Ishizuka Glass Co. started producing glassware and named the brand “ADERIA”, derived from the name of Adriatic Sea, known as one of the birthplace of glass.

Since then, they have produced unique glassware and became a household brand of more than 50 years. Aderia believed that only honest and timeless designs will accompany people for a lifetime.

Made in Japan


Medium - Volume: 290ml, H: 10cm, W: 8cm
Large - Volume: 370ml, H: 13cm, W: 8.3cm


Dishwasher Safe
Heat resistant up till 60-100 °C
Wash thoroughly before use
Do not use in microwave or oven