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Mia Pouf (Big)



The Mia Pouf is made of crochet thermoplastic polypropylene rope fibres that is strong and durable. Its polyurethane foam insert dries quickly, making it easy to maintain. Woven+ furniture is also crafted to endure extreme outdoor conditions such as sunlight UV exposure, extreme temperatures variances, mould and mildew. On top of that, it serves as a seat and a decorative object at home, making it the perfect chair to spend quality time with family and friends.


Dimensions: 85 × 85 × 38 cm

Weight: Please contact us for more information.

Weave Colour - Dual Tone Dark Grey

Insert - Quick dry polyurethane foam
Outer - Crochet thermoplastic polypropylene rope fibers

To clean the rope, apply a mist of a soapy water solution with a spray bottle and then work the solution into the rope with a soft cloth by blotting or using light pressure and short strokes. Do not abrade the rope with excessive scrubbing or by using a hard brush. Rinse the solution thoroughly and then blot the excess moisture from the rope by using a soft cloth and allow it to air-dry. Never use a high-pressure hose on PP rope and wash only.