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Outdoor Dining Table in Singapore

It is always nice to share a hearty meal with your family or guests while enjoying the fresh air on your balcony or garden. For this reason, it is ideal to invest in a quality outdoor dining table in Singapore. Outdoor dining table that is specifically designed for outdoor use is often made with weather-proof, moisture-resistant, and wear-proof materials that are easy to clean and can last for a long time. Here at Konopi, we have a wide range of designs for outdoor dining tables. You can easily find the ideal outdoor dining table for your home from our collection.

Why Choose Konopi Outdoor Dining Table?

Konopi is a trusted brand when it comes to outdoor dining tables in Singapore. We have been designing and distributing all sorts of outdoor dining tables for verandahs, gardens, patios and balconies in the country. Our designs are often inspired by modern day lifestyles, minimalism, space-saving and luxury. Thus, you can only expect great things from each outdoor dining table in our collection. Here are some of the reasons to invest in Konopi outdoor dining table today:

  • Designed with small space living in mind. Small balcony? No worries, you can find a good, space saving outdoor dining table here at Konopi.
  • May or may not come with a matching dining chair. Do you already have dining chairs and are specifically looking for a solo outdoor dining table to match your chairs? Or do you wish to buy a set of outdoor dining tables and chairs? We have both options in store for you.
  • We meticulously selected the best materials for our outdoor dining table. You can guarantee that our tables can resist heat, moisture and pests. They are also very easy to clean!

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Dining Tables

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