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Outdoor Side Table

Isn’t it awkward when you are relaxing on your balcony and you have to answer your phone so you stand from your seat, pick up the phone and look around for a place to leave your cup of tea on. Turns out the only space you may place your cup is on the floor, on the dirty concrete floor you would not dare to walk barefoot on. This is where a nice outdoor side table in Singapore can help. With a good outdoor side table, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a space where you can place your phone, coffee mug, and book on while savouring the fresh air. Here at Konopi, we have various outdoor side tables for you to choose from. Three-legged, four-legged, and even single-legged outdoor side table or may a round or a triangular shaped one, you choose, we have it here for you!

Why Choose Konopi Outdoor Side Table?

Konopi’s collection of outdoor side tables in Singapore is a feast to the eyes whether you are into house designing or not. Our outdoor side tables come in all sizes and forms. However, they are all suitable for the modern minimalist vibe most homeowners are after. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for an outdoor side table from Konopi:

  • Konopi poufs are known for durability and style. This is because we choose our materials wisely and meticulously to render long lasting furniture pieces.
  • Our outdoor side tables boast beautiful design that imbues minimalist, chic and contemporary styles
  • These outdoor side tables are designed specifically with Singapore’s small space living in mind. Can fit well with small patios or balconies
  • Made from high quality, weather-proof and easy to clean materials
  • Proven to last long with proper care and maintenance