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Aesthetic Pouf in Singapore

Pouf is something we could never miss when we are talking about a cosy nook. A versatile piece of furniture, pouf in SIngapore can be used for both seating and raising your legs to relax. Apart from the cute, mushroom-like design, a pouf is also often stylish and luxurious looking, sometimes decorated with tuftings and laces. The good thing about a pouf is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. As long as your balcony is covered, you can add a pouf there to add cosiness to the area. Check out our selection of beautifully designed poufs below.

Why Choose Konopi Poufs?

Whether you are trying to achieve a hippie or flower child vibe or you merely want to add a cosy seat on your balcony, our selection of poufs in Singapore will help you make these two possible. Each pouf from our collection is designed to suit the minimalist modern living most Singaporeans prefer nowadays. Furthermore, every pouf is designed to fit the small space living we are used to in the country. Here are some other reasons to choose Konopi poufs today:

  • Konopi poufs are known for durability and style. This is because we choose our materials wisely and meticulously to render long lasting furniture pieces.
  • Our poufs are easy to clean. Some can be washed while the others can be shampooed like a typical fabric sofa
  • You get to enjoy a plethora of colours and design you can choose from
  • Comes in various sizes and forms to help you personalise your balcony easier