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How to Care for Outdoor Furniture

Posted by David Tan on
How to Care for Outdoor Furniture

Welcome to the world of the outdoors. Worried about the conditions of your furniture after they have been bought with no idea on what is going to happen to them? Worry no more. Here are some tips on taking care of your outdoor furniture.


Cleaning wood furniture

Wood furniture needs treatment with oil and water-proofing at least yearly for maintenance. For synthetic materials, cleaning with a piece of cloth dipped in water is generally enough.


Removing Stains

Next, how to get rid of stains and spills that threaten to ruin your beautiful outdoor furniture. The good news is that there are a few ways in getting rid of them. The first choice is use mild detergent and water with a dry cloth and gently scrub the discolouration away.


Removing mold from rattan furniture

For rattan, a soft brush is necessary. As for mildew that normally occurs in rattan furniture, use a mix of water with white vinegar, allowing it to sit on the mildew then use the clean damp cloth to remove the excess vinegar. This will kill off the mildew and prevent any buildup.


Caring for outdoor accessories

Many people are worried about cushions or pillows that come with the outdoor furniture. Well, good outdoor cushions are designed not to hold water, making them less likely to develop mold. And outdoor cushion covers are designed to be water resistant, making them less susceptible to stains.

With an idea of the maintenance needed to keep your outdoor furniture looking the best, you can decide which material to purchase in future.

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