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Outdoor Plants for Tropical Climate

Posted by David Tan on
Outdoor Plants for Tropical Climate

Singapore is well-known to be a “Summer city” for our hot and humid weather. Even though the climate in Singapore can be overwhelming for us humans, many plants thrive in this climate. For your outdoor space, plants not only beautify the space, they also provide oxygen and cools the space.




Orchids are known as the “Singapore flower”. They come in different colours, such as orange, purple and blue. Orchids need minimum maintenance and care to maintain its condition and they do not require a large amount of water to survive. Furthermore, they require exposure to sunlight to stay in good shape.


Jade Plant


The Jade plant symbolises good luck in Asia and is also known as “money plant”. It is one of the easiest plants to maintain and take care of. Jade plants need exposure to direct sunlight and only require watering when the top soil is dry.




Lemongrass is a tropical herb that has culinary uses. Thai food, anyone?Lemongrass gives off a pleasant aroma that repels insects which make them a valued plant for outdoor spaces. Furthermore, they thrive in direct sunlight. However, they require more water than other tropical plants.


Chinese Hibiscus


The Chinese Hibiscus comes in vibrant colours and is suitable to be grown outdoors under exposure to sunlight. It can also be used in human diet, as a cure for various disorders and as a source of natural dyes.



There are different types of bonsai that are suitable for outdoors. For outdoor bonsai, it requires lots of direct sunlight. So placing them outdoors is absolutely no problem. Bonsai do not need to be watered frequently; like the Jade plant, water is only needed when the top soil is dry. However, bonsai may be relatively expensive.

These are just a small handful of outdoor plants that require minimum maintenance. Mix and match with different plants to create an interesting outdoor space. And most of all, don’t give up. It takes time to develop green fingers. And you will be rewarded with the breath of life that green plants can add to your outdoor space.

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