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LILAC CLOUDS by Gleam Mémoire


Stroll through the lavender fields as dawn breaks and be enveloped by the swirl of bergamot, sage, rosemary and aromatic woods beckoning from the countryside.

- Toxic-free · Eco-friendly · No Phthalates, Paraffin, Parabens.

- Approximate burn time: 42 hours

Scent Profile: Relaxing, Woody, Soft Floral
Scent Notes: Lavender, Sage, Sandalwood, Cedarwood
Crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz

Amethyst – Protective, purifying and aids with insomnia relief and relieves pain and stress. Rids the mind of negative thoughts and brings forth humility, sincerity, and wisdom.

Clear Quartz – Clears negative energy, stimulates the immune system, aids concentration and enhances memory.

Dimensions: Please contact us for more information.

Weight: 170g

Colour: White

Crafted with a luxurious blend of sustainable pure coconut and soy wax and centered with a crackling wooden wick

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